Mission Focus Group

Mission Focus Group Coaching & Healing


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If you are called to something greater than yourself... a feeling of being led to serve humanity
then you will want to participate in this group

Our soul-based mission is what we are here for. Our mission is what we feel called to in this lifetime and where we feel the most passion and fire within as a means of being of service to humanity.

However, we tend to have resistance and fear because our soul's mission isn't just to be of service. It's also to heal on the deepest of levels so that we can advance forward as souls. Often we step out into this calling only to find out that we are climbing a mountain full of tests, difficulties and challenges.  This puts us out of our comfort zone and may keep us from the very thing we are working diligently to achieve.

Every month, we will come together to talk about what we are working through to receive intuitive coaching for these specific issues. Then we will work with manifestation techniques, meditations and healing methods to move through these issues and bring forth what is needed to move past our blocks and resistance.

We meet on Zoom on the last Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm EST.   

  • Intuitive coaching to get more clarity on specific questions you have
  • Exercises to bring forth awareness & get connected to your potential
  • Manifestation activities to help you manifest more effectively
  • Meditation to feel more peaceful & connected spiritually while focusing on what you need for your mission
  • Healing to clear & heal from traumas & wounding of the past
  • Mindset expansion to face your fears & move beyond your comfort zone
  • Connection to a like-minded community
  • Loving & Supportive Community
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