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Unleash your healing potential to get from the challenging depths of the human experience to thriving at life and living your soul's mission here on Earth. Every experience is teaching you and helping you heal, but we often don't understand how tough times are meant to help us on our journey. Sometimes we need support of a good healer and intuitive to help us navigate life.


You are a beautiful soul inside of an incredible human body, having an experience that is meant to catapult you on your soul's journey. I can show you how to understand and heal from the experiences in your life and utilize them to align with your soul's mission.

Three healing paths to explore:

Individual Sessions

Classes & Meditations

Mastery Program

Events, Classes & Meditations

These popular events, classes and meditations are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready for the mastery program or a session with Jenn.

Body Temple

This class goes over the benefit of traditional eating along with detoxification approaches and supplementation to support your amazing body temple. Includes recipes!

Archangel Meditations

Join Jenn as she guides you through healing meditations with the Archangels. There are many Archangel meditations to choose from and they are very healing and empowering.

Monthly Group Healing

Online group energy healing is a great way to experience a shift in your life. You will be brought into a gentle meditation while beautiful and positive healing energy is transmitted to you to address individual areas of concern for your Highest Good. The more you attend, the more of a shift you can see. Attend every month or whenever it's needed.
$25 to attend
Upcoming Dates:
Sundays at 4:30pm EST
April 9, 2023
May 14, 2023
June 11, 2023

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Jenn! I'm a healer, intuitive, teacher and spiritual coach. I work with clients to help them heal and activate their mind, body and spirit so they can live a more vibrant and healthy life. I also help many of my clients launch forward into their soul's mission to be of service to others as healers. My focus is always on helping you to utilize what is happening in your life to ascend on your soul's path and to be of service to others.

Development Group

Join in with Jenn for spiritual & intuitive development! Get to know and work with Jenn on a monthly basis! This group is all about intuitive and spiritual development as well as forming friendships in the community with other beautiful like-minded souls.

Your spiritual development is vitally important to get the most out of life and to succeed in your soul’s mission.

You can have more grace, peace, ease and success when you approach things from a healed, connected, wise and soulful place. Let's facilitate your expansion together!

‚ÄčYou may attend either in person in Columbia, Maryland or via zoom. We meet two Sunday afternoons per month at 4:30 EST.

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  • Cancel at any time

  • Two Gatherings Per Month

  • Healing Meditations

  • Development Activations

  • Intuition Development & Practice

  • Healing & Clearing Techniques

  • Spiritual Concepts

  • Consciousness Development

  • Loving & Supportive Community


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Stay Connected

Get updates, news, events, discounts and much love from me!
You may unsubscribe at any time.

All information and guidance given by Jenn Palmer is meant to help empower you and is not to be considered medical or psychological advice. Please seek medical and psychological support as appropriate for your concerns.