Heal. Grow. Ascend. Help.


Are you ready to change your life?

You are capable of having the life you want. You can feel amazing and vibrant. You can feel fulfilled and connected. You can feel joyful and peaceful. You can be in a place where you successfully help others with passion and heart.

However, you may have noticed that there are blocks to achieving your desires. You may have karma, lessons, limiting thoughts and beliefs or a number of other blocks standing between you and your desired life.

The good news is that those blocks have a divine purpose and you can utilize them to catapult forward in life and in your soul's ascension process. The greater the challenge, the further the catapult.

Real healing requires that we clear out the root of the problem and clean up the detrimental effects that have been impacting our mind, body and spirit. When it comes down to it, everything is really spiritual and energetic. Everything shows up in our life to guide us down a path and we are meant to learn, grow, heal and balance karma on this path. We are also often asked to teach others how to do the same. The Healing Activation Program is designed to walk you through the experience.

If you are only interested in working on yourself, the Mind Mastery level is a great option for you. If you are interested in learning how to be a healer, the Healing Mastery level is ideal. If you feel called to healing and/or teaching as your mission, then definitely sign up for the Mission Mastery. You can always start at Mind Mastery and then work your way up and the purchase will be applied to the next level.

All of the coursework in these programs is online and self-paced. There are no tests, but you are encouraged to dive in and really explore yourself and the material presented. The one-on-one sessions, group healing and group coaching is meant to personalize the experience. They are live and you can attend those as needed.

To keep these deep and transforming programs accessible, monthly payments are available for all three options.

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Healing Activation Program Level 1 - Mind Mastery

$695 or $260/mo

The Mind Mastery course is all about diving in and getting to know why things show up in your life the way they do. In order to heal or manifest anything in your physical experience, you really need to be aware of what is blocking you and heal your mental, emotional and spiritual resistance. Once these are healed and in alignment, what you want in the physical can come into fruition. The Healing Activation Program has a focus on healing, but this information can be used for any area of life that needs improvement.

This course includes:

  • 2 one-on-one guidance sessions with Jenn
  • Monthly online group healing sessions for FREE
  • Become part of Jenn's inner circle
  • The mind/body/spirit approach
  • Archetypes as your foundational understanding
  • Divine power and your hero's journey
  • The ascension process of your soul
  • How challenging experiences can help you
  • Ego vs soul consciousness
  • Thoughts, beliefs & self-sabotage
  • Navigating toxic relationships
  • Karma, curses & ancestral energies
  • Clearing cords and other detrimental energies
  • Accessing your intuition for guidance
  • Body Temple class on nutrition & detox
  • Healing meditations & activations
  • AND so much more!

Healing Activation Program Level 2 - Healing Mastery

$2295 or $445/mo

The Healing Mastery course includes everything in the Mind Mastery course plus lessons to help you expand your abilities as an energy healer. If you have already been attuned to Reiki, there is a lot of content here that you haven't seen before as well as some really great activations to support your expansion. If you have proof that you have been practicing Reiki, you can receive a discount.

This course includes:

  • Everything in the Mind Mastery course
  • 2 additional one-on-one guidance sessions with Jenn (4 total)
  • Reiki level 1 class & attunement
  • Reiki level 2 class & attunement
  • Archangel Activation class with 15 Archangels
  • Holistic Metamorphosis level 1 class with activation
  • Clearing entities & parasitic energies
  • Creating a sacred space for healing
  • Ethics and best practices for healers
  • Intuitive development for healers

Healing Activation Program Level 3 - Mission Mastery

$4495 or $395/mo

The Mission Mastery course includes everything in Mind Mastery and Healing Mastery and then we explore what you need to know to honor your mission as a healer or teacher for others. This course is the premier course to work with Jenn and she will take you through the depths of YOU to honor your strengths, heal your fears, clear your blocks and then work through your challenges to learn the lessons on the path of your soul's mission.

This course includes:

  • Everything in Mind Mastery level
  • Everything in Healing Mastery level
  • 2 additional one-on-one guidance sessions with Jenn (6 total)
  • 1 full year of monthly group coaching meetings
  • Reiki Master & Teacher class
  • Holistic Metamorphosis ascension level 2 class
  • Holistic Metamorphosis ascension level 3 class
  • Learn to be authentically YOU as you serve others
  • Developing your mission statement
  • Create a plan for next steps in your mission
  • Being comfortable with public speaking
  • Working with audio & video
  • Working through your fears connected to your mission
  • Soulful manifestation for your mission work