Spiritual Development Group

Spiritual & Intuitive Development


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Join in with Jenn for spiritual and intuitive development! Get to know and work with Jenn on a monthly basis! This group is all about intuitive and spiritual development as well as forming friendships in the community with other beautiful like-minded souls.

Your spiritual and intuitive development is vitally important to get the most out of life and to succeed in your soul’s mission.

You can have more grace, peace, ease and success when you approach things from a healed, connected, wise and soulful place. Let's facilitate your expansion together!

‚ÄčYou may attend either in person in Columbia, Maryland or via zoom in your pajamas! We meet two Sunday afternoons per month at 4:30pm EST.

  • Cancel Any Time
  • Two Gatherings Per Month
  • Zoom or In-person
  • Healing Meditations
  • Development Activations
  • Intuition Development & Practice
  • Healing & Clearing Techniques
  • Spiritual Concepts
  • Consciousness Development
  • Loving & Supportive Community